RM 23.mar 2024—18.may 2024

RM 23.mar 2024—18.may 2024

Photo: Alberto Messina

YOURS MINE is the title of the site-specific intervention proposed by RM in response to the particular exhibition and urban context offered by Platea.

A neon with a logo of a cat popping out of a street trash can. It is a sort of an iconic image, infantilizing street life, living day by day, being cute and tough at the same time.
There are two words blinking above and underneath the cat logo. Mine and Yours like if they were referring to the fishbone the cat is about to snack but there’s none trying to grab it. All words, so as the drawing, are so in need for a context that one would imagine a secret narrative or storytelling behind them – instead the cat logo, mine and yours, are more like the knockoff of themselves. As if improperly used, not copyrighted and squeezed together like two different brands on the same shoe. While you stop and try to unlock the secret meaning of the image, the cat gets all the fishbone.

Text: courtesy of the artist

RM's work focuses on sexual development, sexually transmitted diseases, management strategies, and stigma. Their name (previously Real Madrid) plays with the concept of competitive spirit and its transformation into merchandise, challenging authorship and self-celebratory creative processes. Affirming their status as counterfeits emphasizes an interest in misunderstanding that has led to a problematic nickname on search engines.
Their recent exhibitions include Auto Italia, London (2023), CEC Centre d’Edition Contemporaine, Geneva (2023), Swiss Institute, New York (2022), Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris (2021), Fondazione ICA Milano (2021), Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva (2021), Quadriennale Roma, Rome (2021), and others. RM was awarded the Swiss Art Award in 2018 and 2023. The artists have a solo exhibition scheduled at Kunst Museum St. Gallen in the summer of 2024. RM lives and works between Geneva and Berlin.

RM's exhibition is part of "FARE COLLETTIVO," the fourth exhibition schedule of Platea | Palazzo Galeano. With "FARE COLLETTIVO," Platea aims to explore the phenomenon of artistic collectives, asking invited artists the reasons for forming collectives and the needs for cooperative spaces. Through exhibitions, publications, and events, Platea is configured as a place of investigation, involving the public and schools. Activities will take place from March to December 2024, involving Palazzo Galeano and Platea Projects.