Alberonero 16.jan 2022—26.mar 2022

Alberonero 16.jan 2022—26.mar 2022

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Photo: Roberto Conte


I breathe and rest in the plain. I was born, raised, fell ill, learned, loved, and died in the plain. My body treads upon the plain. The plain is my body; in my blood, the plain exists. When I look at the horizon, I often think of the plain. I look at a hill and subtract a plain. I embrace landscapes, but I return to the plain. The plain is, for me, the most concise separation between earth and sky. The line is the plain. The less is the plain. I love the plain because, stripped bare, it welcomes me. When I become a place, I feel like the plain. The plain is the absence of things and houses. The plain is my cradle where I turn around to feel in my place. Not seeing the horizon is like finding myself in the plain. I walk in the plain and feel its humidity in my bones. I desire to lose myself in the plain. I would like knees like plain stones. My head flat like the plain's horizon. My back is horizontal because I am more plain. Feet that expand to be plain. The mouth is already plain. I look with flat pupils of the plain. My face is a line chasing the plain. I run on the banks of my plain. I move, but wherever I go, I encounter the plain. My perception is the plain. My thoughts are the plain. Loves are the plain. When I explore, I smell of the plain. My land is the plain. I want to be naked in the plain. Fog is my blanket when standing, looking at the plain. I always feel the need to eat the plain. I stay plain, look at the plain, want the plain. If I am in the plain, I tend toward the plain, return to the plain. I think slowly like the plain.

The work of Alberonero for Platea stands as the visual representation of a broader reflection on the place where each human being lives and grows, the perception of an imagined boundary where the plain takes shape through specific elements of the countryside. The horizon is traced through color – an endless source of research and experimentation for the artist – dividing the space into a landscape that is always evolving. The line is represented by the vine shoot that ideally includes the observer: people are like branches that expand beyond the exhibition space.


Alberonero is a designer, painter, sculptor, and sometimes a farmer. Born in Lodi in 1991, since 2012, he has been studying the perception of color and researching a code that can minimize visual language. The artist's interest later shifts towards the construction of devices composed of humble materials linked to the world of construction and agriculture, such as concrete, iron, wood, fabrics, and agricultural nets, called upon to tell a supernatural world. The practice of construction takes shape in nature, in installations born from the sensitive listening of the action site, from the desire to "be a place" and to participate in space poetically. Alberonero has carried out exhibition projects and workshops in Italy and various countries around the world.