Valerio D’Angelo 18.may 2023—20.jun 2023

Valerio D’Angelo 18.may 2023—20.jun 2023

Photo: Alberto Messina


"Narcissus" is a site-specific installation, curated by Benedetta Monti and Niccolò Giacomazzi that overturns the boundaries between artwork and spectator, between the space dedicated to the manifestation of the aesthetic object and the external world, transforming Platea's showcase into a gateway to a kind of "parallel dimension." The work finds its main cornerstone in the glass that makes up the showcase and activates through a dialogue with the dynamism of the outside.

The artwork, whose title recalls the Greek myth of Narcissus, a young hunter famous for his beauty who is condemned to fall in love with his own image, consists of a reflective surface created with a polyester photographic sheet and dichroic film applied to glass. A vertiginous and luminous abyss, where one's own figure plunges, enriched by multicolored luminous nuances. Narcissus is a project that explores intimacy, autoeroticism, and self-celebration.

We would like to thank the Fondazione Comunitaria della Provincia di Lodi for the financial contribution aimed at supporting Valerio D'Angelo's exhibition project.

Valerio D’Angelo (Rome, 1993) is an artist based in Rome. Trained in the field of restoration, specializing in Baroque decorative techniques such as gilding and lacquering at the Nazzareno Fontana Restauri workshop in Rome. Today, these same skills are acquired, transformed, and revolutionized in a practice that always communicates the ancient with the contemporary, confusing time and execution technique, molded and overturned in the needs of contemporary and modern expression. His artistic practice is mainly expressed through sculpture and installation, through material experimentation. The artist focuses particularly on the dimension of time, the relationship between ancient and contemporary, and mutual stratifications, evident in objects, landscapes, places, and the collective imagination. Among the latest exhibitions: Awaiting Mirabilia, curated by Benedetta Monti, Spazio Y, Rome (2022); The gaze beyond, curated by Sonia Andresano, promoted by the SmArt Foundation, Rome (2022); The rude time, Vacunalia, curated by Niccolò Giacomazzi and Benedetta Monti, Vacone, RI, (2022); Fregellae Prize, curated by Ilaria Monti, Ceprano, (2022); Simultaneously, Archaeology of the future, Ladispoli, (2022); the solo exhibition "Default orbit," Blocco 13, curated by Sonia Andresano, and the group exhibition "+1," at Galleria Valentina Bonomo, both in 2023.


Benedetta Monti (Forlì, 1994) is an independent curator. She is currently a contributor to the Segno magazine. Among her recent curatorial experiences: Nobody’s Home, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome (2022); Aqueous humor, Ottica Spiezia, Rome (2022); Be water, Studio flli.M, Rome (2022); Awaiting Mirabilia, Spazio Y, Rome (2022); The appearance formula, Andrea Festa Fine Art, Rome (2022); The rude time, Vacunalia Festival, Vacone, RI (2022); Adstrato, Spazio Y, Rome (2022), Happy Undergrowth, Andrea Fesa Fine Art, Rome (2022); The libertarian garden, Baruchello Foundation, Rome (2022); Untitled, (Embryo): Bea Bonafini, OFF1C1NA, GAM Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Rome (2022); Ora et ozia, Vacunalia Festival, Vacone, RI (2021).

Niccolò Giacomazzi (Florence, 1995) is an independent curator. He graduated in Historical-Artistic Studies from La Sapienza University in Rome and specialized with a Master's in Art Management at Luiss Business School. He currently lives and works in Rome. Among his recent curated exhibitions are: Something is found, N0 Project Room, Rome (2023); Calling, Spazio Y, Rome (2022); The rude time, Vacunalia Festival, Vacone, RI (2022); The libertarian garden, Baruchello Foundation, Rome (2022); Nothing can be stopped, Fair Legals, Rome (2022); Small Things Matter, Fondamenta Gallery, Rome (2021); Ora et ozia – Vacunalia Festival, Vacone (RI) (2021).