PALAZZO BRONZO — editorial project 

PALAZZO BRONZO — editorial project 

Within the framework of FARE COLLETTIVO , the 2024 exhibition programme at Platea Palazzo Galeano, Palazzo Bronzo collaborates in the realization of Iperromantico, an art book that is also a survey of artistic collectives in today's Italy. RM, MRZB, Extragarbo, and Hardchitepture are the other four collectives hosted by Platea, from which the editorial project of Palazzo Bronzo originates. The project explores collective processes and dynamics, aiming for a documentary congealment of the work of the realities involved in the research. The publication will accompany the four exhibitions and enrich them with archival materials, interviews, curatorial texts, and remixes. Parallelly, at Platea Projects, the collective has created an installation structure, exploratory, multifaceted, and evolving, which will reconfigure over the timeframe of the four exhibitions of the FARE COLLETTIVO project. The space hosts a documentary archive of experiences and artifacts collected by Palazzo Bronzo during the volume's production, open to all to foster the creation of relationships, collaborations, and experimentation by artists and visitors.

The editorial project, produced by Platea | Palazzo Galeano and curated by Palazzo Bronzo, included textual interventions by Carlo Antonelli, Anna Daneri, Jacopo Galimberti, Carlo Orsini and Palazzo Bronzo.

The limited edition publication can be received through a donation of at least €50. If you are interested, write to

Platea Projects space at Via Maddalena 3 is only open by appointment. To book, contact the number +39 3290216380 or the email address

Palazzo Bronzo is a Genoese collective and artist-run space founded in April 2022, embodying an artistic partnership active since 2015. The collective deals with heterogeneous artistic languages and practices with the aim of generating dialogue between different disciplines. The space responds to the need for a meeting place for the underground artistic scene, welcoming protean realities, supporting emerging artists through a residency program, and hosting exhibitions, performances, presentations, and sharing moments. It is a long-term project that aims to interact with the territory and intends to engage with a historically multicultural port city that resists globalization.

Palazzo Bronzo is composed of: Federica Balletto, Marco-Augusto Basso, Edoardo Bracchi, Luca Gerry Conte, Franco Ferrari, Michele Gasperini, Manuel Gelsomino, Federico Ghillino, Rachele Giacomozzi, Pietro Lugaro, Martina Montagna, Alessandro Queirolo, Federico Zurani.