Camilla Gurgone 06.oct 2023—05.nov 2023

Camilla Gurgone 06.oct 2023—05.nov 2023

Photo: Alberto Messina


Camilla Gurgone's long performance, curated by Benedetta Monti and Niccolò Giacomazzi, is an obsessive study/research on today's systems of exploitation and self-exploitation in the workplace. The selection and archive of the studied materials will be presented to the public both physically, through interventions on the storefront, and online, via a dedicated website for the project. The visual/written prompts created for the audience are intentionally left "open," without explanations, to prompt questions and points of reflection.

The set design and the continuous presence of the artist beyond the storefront evoke a screen but also the current imaginary of endless work time, fueled by perpetual availability and accessibility that often deprives the individual of their own free time.

Moreover, the performance will lead to the creation of an infinite archive, as issues of exploitation/precariousness/job refusal are widely discussed in the post-COVID era, where the abundance of articles, essays, and social methodologies leads to awareness in individuals but does not encourage a resolution of the problem. The term "groupware" encompasses computer programs (generally used in a work context) that enable collaboration among users and the achievement of a common goal, even when people are not physically close.

We would like to thank the Fondazione Comunitaria della Provincia di Lodi onlus for the financial contribution aimed at supporting Camilla Gurgone's exhibition project.

Camilla Gurgone (Lucca, 1997) lives and works between Milan and Rome. Graduated in sculpture at Rufa-Rome University of Fine Arts (Rome), she is currently attending the Specialist Biennium in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA - Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (Milan). Since 2022, she has been part of the team managing spazioSERRA (Milan) and the collective/project space Omuamua (Milan). Investigating the direct relationship between artist, artwork, and spectator, she is mainly involved in relational installations, site-specific works, and new technologies for artistic interaction on social media. Among the collective and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad: Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin (2023); Triennale di Milano (2023); Galleria Unosunove, Rome (2023); Palazzo Ducale, Genoa (2023); Orto Botanico di Roma (2022); SpazioSERRA, Milan (2022); Kunstschau, Lecce (2022); Monitor Gallery, Rome (2021); Antiguo Matadero, Zaragoza (2020); GAM Galleria d’arte moderna, Turin (2020); Spazio KHLAB, Rome (2020); Palazzo Ridola, Matera (2019); Castello di Rivara, Turin (2019); ZAWP, Bilbao (2019).