On Saturday, March 5, 2022, at 5:00 PM, Platea | Palazzo Galeano presents a public open conversation titled "Thinking Landscape" featuring the participation of Alberonero

The event will take place in the Platea hall. The dialogue, moderated by Piergiorgio Caserini, editor-in-chief of ZERO Milano, will include Alberonero in conversation with Andrea Staid, professor of Cultural and Visual Anthropology at NABA in Milan.

To kick off the evening, Carlo Orsini, artistic director of Platea | Palazzo Galeano, will deliver an introduction to the participants.

Platea welcomes its audience to the square in front of the window on Corso Umberto in Lodi at number 46, where since January 16, the site-specific work "Penso Pianura" by Alberonero has been on display. This artwork engages with the unique exhibition and social context offered by this new space.

The conversation will delve into the concepts underlying the installation's concept, a synthesis of sound, light, and organic materials. The artwork echoes the elements that characterize the landscape of Lodi, with its psychedelic fog, which is, first and foremost, an intimate territory—a shared condition among its inhabitants. The discussion will explore the concepts of 'Place' and 'Landscape,' the relationships between these dimensions, and their definition in relation to cultural and pictorial tradition. It will also touch upon issues of habitation, the role of humans in their participation in the landscape, and the contents of a conversation that guides the audience in discovering Alberonero's poetics—a collective process of re-recognition primarily rooted in observation.